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Always store in a cool, dry place for maximum shelf-life. This product is intended for forensic and research applications only. It is therefore NOT intended for human consumption or in-vivo testing of any kind on animals or any living organism.

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  • What is Flubromazolam?

    Flubromazolam is a research chemical from the chemical class of TriazoloBenzodiazepine, this is a benzodiazepine derivative. Chemical Researchers that have conducted experiments with Flubromazolam have shown results of sedation, amnesia, and muscle relaxation, it is an extremely potent benzodiazepine, so these results in experiments are prominent with as little as 0.25mg being used.

    When doing any research with Flubromazolam caution must be taken to cover exposed parts of your skin by using the correct personal protective equipment – Gloves, Mask, Overalls these are all essential.