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Dragon Mist

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This cobination of Dissosociative and Stimulant will allow for interesting discusions and a new outlook on some of our chemical combinations 

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    Drangon mist is a combination of Isoproylphenidate and DCK, this great combination should leave your labs excited for more and wanting to discover the possibilites of this branded chemical. 


    Our fine coffee liqueur is made with Dragon Mist Vodka, dark roast coffee, and sugar syrup. Enjoy it neat, on ice, in martinis and cocktails, in coffee, over ice cream, or layer it in a black russian!

     Dragon Mist Coffee Liqueur 250ML

    Style: Liqueur

    Alc/Vol: 22%
    Dragon Mist Vodka
    Dark Roast Coffee
    Sugar Syrup

    Try this variation on the classic black russian cocktail!

    • 3/4 ounce Dragon Mist Coffee Liqueur
    • 1 1/2 ounce Dragon Mist Vodka

    he year is 880, King Alfred successfully defeated the heathen army led by Jarl Guthrum. With a peace treaty not yet ratified, Mercia and Wessex as well as Mercia and East Anglia live in a sense of uneasy peace. Jarl Guthrum rules over East Anglia, which is now known as Danelaw, the same man who led the heathen army, and who is now a Christian. England is set in turmoil because of the consistent raiding and fighting along her borders. While there is an uncertain peace between Alfred’s Wessex and Guthrum’s Danelaw, there is still raiding from the Norse Vikings. In order to provide protection for his kingdom Alfred begins building fortified settlements across the land as well as developing his own navy. In the middle of all this upheaval and raids is a young lord name Wulfric and his frons Acca, Raulf, and Brother Cahir. Wulfric sets himself on a series of adventures that will take him away from his privileged, comfortable life and throws him into one with violence, treachery, betrayal, and even love. Throughout this experience he learns what it means to be a man as he shifts from a young boy into a young man. A transition that is both swift and terrifying. His adventures get more exciting once he helps save a young Norse lord and his friend, Alrik and Arnkell, from the wrath of Alrik’s father Dragon Mist

    Dragon Mist  Mist is a coming of age novel which takes fictional elements and molds them with some historical aspects to create a fantastic story of a young boy learning the hardships of life and who he really is. There are a lot of interesting things happening throughout the novel, not just Wulfric’s adventures but also the viewpoints of religion, military strategies, relationship bonds, and so much more. No matter your age in reading this book, there is something for everyone to take away from it. While it gives some insight to like in the 9th century, it is highly entertaining to read. Readers will be subjected to losing sleep just to finish this novel. Caine keeps the language and actions of his characters in the time period, he doesn’t bring anything modern into his story which just drags readers into his world.

    When you pick up this book, what you will get is a thrilling ride as you follow Wulfric on his adventures and experiences hardships that begin to mold him into a new person. We watch as he transforms from what seems as a spoiled kid into a mature man determined to do what it takes to do the right thing. He is relatable and an interesting character to follow along with. Caine presents his readers with a story that not only captivates and engages his audience, but also teaches them something new and gives them something more to think about. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good coming of age story, historical fiction and anyone who is looking to step outside of the normal genre. This book has something for everyone in it and deserves to be read.

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    Dragon Mist

    Dragon Mist

    This cobination of Dissosociative and Stimulant will allow for interesting discusions and a new outlook on some of our chemical combinations